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Evangelical doctor part of team that treated PM

May 2020 | by Mike Judge

Prime Minister Johnson
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An evangelical believer who is a senior doctor at St Thomas’ Hospital was part of the medical team that treated Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he was in intensive care with Covid-19.

Soon after the Prime Minister was admitted to the intensive care unit at the hospital – which is just over the river from the Houses of Parliament – social media postings were asking Christians to pray for the PM’s recovery.

Prayers were also requested for Dr Duncan Wyncoll, an intensive care consultant at the hospital and part of the team treating patients with the coronavirus. The social media postings that named Dr Wyncoll did not emanate from him.

Dr Wyncoll is a deacon at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, located in Elephant & Castle, London. The church’s history goes back to the year 1650 and counts C. H. Spurgeon among its notable past pastors.

A statement issued by the Metropolitan Tabernacle said, ‘Dr Duncan Wyncoll, a Tabernacle deacon, is a senior Intensive Care consultant at St Thomas’ Hospital and would therefore be one of the team of consultants currently treating the PM.

Duncan Wyncoll
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‘Dr Duncan would undoubtedly observe medical ethics and not divulge anything other than that which we may all read in the public bulletins about the PM’s case.

‘I’m sure you will join us in prayer for all doctors and medical staff throughout the UK treating (and vulnerable to) this dangerous and perplexing virus.

‘We pray particularly for Christian medical workers that by their lives they may show forth their Christian testimony.’

The Prime Minister, 55, was taken to hospital ten days after testing positive for the virus. He had three nights in intensive care before returning to a ward and later being discharged.

Boris Johnson later posted a video recording his sincere gratitude to all the doctors, nurses, and other NHS staff that cared for him while in hospital.

Mike Judge, editor


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