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OMF Conference: Mission work should never be ‘hit and run’

May 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Dr Patrick Fung
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In February, the Overseas Missionary Fellowship ran an online event for people interested to learn more about how the good news of Jesus is being shared across the world.

We heard accounts of how our sovereign Lord has been at work despite the pandemic.

Highlighting the cross-cultural nature of our faith, UK and Irish Christians spoke of how they had been sharing faith and friendship with Japanese citizens via Zoom.

We also heard from a Cambodian believer in Belfast who has had hundreds of his countrymen tuning in to hear his Bible messages livestreamed via Facebook.

OMF’s International Director Patrick Fung joined us live from Singapore. He spoke of how the pandemic has united many East Asian Christians in seeking the Lord and in opening up new opportunities to share the hope within them.

He reminded us that persecution and suffering has never destroyed the church, whereas a diluted gospel can do untold damage.

He also said that mission should never be a ‘hit and run’ activity. It bears fruit through perseverance and relationship building, and Christians involved should be characterised by humility, integrity, and simplicity. Moreover, we should always acknowledge that it is the Lord’s work, not our own.

In these challenging times when pessimism can stalk many UK Christians, our spirits were lifted during the conference. We saw glimpses of how the Lord continues to work in marvellous and unexpected ways across the world; we were challenged afresh to be creative and intentional in seeking to be involved in the places he has put us and with the people he has placed in our lives.

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