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‘Taken without consent’: atheism and science webinar

May 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Charles Darwin CREDIT Shutterstock, Roseed Abbas
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David Williams, a lawyer, based this stimulating session on his intriguing 2019 book Taken Without Consent: How atheists have highjacked science.

The question he posed – ‘How did we get here?’ – has fascinated humans for millennia.

He showed that in the 20th century the widely-accepted answer was, by Darwinian evolution.

But that century also saw an explosion in scientific knowledge, particularly in areas such as genetics and biochemistry, making it increasingly apparent that, rather than confirming the case for Darwinian evolution, the evidence began to point in a different direction.

Fresh data normally causes scientists to question existing theories, and that’s how science progresses. A theory is adopted when supported by sufficient evidence and remains so until contradictory data emerges. A new theory which better fits the evidence is then proposed.

However, for some reason Darwinian evolution appears to be immune to this revising process. No amount of contradictory evidence seems able to budge it from its lofty perch. Why is that?

The answer, David suggested, is that Darwinian evolution is not an evidenced-based theory, but a philosophical, faith-based theory. The philosophy is atheism, and the faith is an unwavering belief in the ability of natural laws to explain everything.

Its adherents are quick to criticise those who reject it, dismissing theories such as Intelligent Design as ‘unscientific’, and by implication, false.

But in their clamour to take the scientific high ground, they have unwittingly exposed how they have hijacked the proper definition of science.