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OM’s 60th

January 2017

Operation Mobilisation (OM) is celebrating six decades of mission this year, from its beginnings in 1957 with just a handful of college students, to today’s fellowship of 3,400 workers from over 100 nations — and a ship, MV Logos Hope.

According to a statement from OM: ‘OM remains a movement at heart, an ideal, a challenge, an invitation, a celebration, a family more impressed with the greatness of God than the size of the task.

‘Over 60 years, large numbers of people have become involved: hundreds of thousands of workers, hundreds of millions of people personally presented with the gospel, hundreds of other missions birthed as a result, and vast sums released to transform lives and communities.

‘But the real story is not about numbers; it’s about ordinary people with even just a little faith in a big God. A core OM message is that God will use anybody seeking to put him first, and we are living proof.

‘God allowed circumstances to refine us and prepare us for things impossible to imagine. Still being human, mistakes have been made, opportunities lost, relationships strained. And yet, overwhelmingly, the grace of God has been experienced and become central to our testimony’.

Cape Verde

In November 2016, after a seven-day voyage from Ghana, Logos Hope sailed into Praia, Cape Verde. Praia is Cape Verde’s capital and largest city. It is located on the island of Santiago, the largest of the ten islands which make up the nation.

Although the ship didn’t stop for long, the visit marked several milestones.

Logos Hope began her tour of the African continent a year ago, in Victoria, Seychelles. Another island nation, Cape Verde, completed the journey from east coast to west and was the 11th African country the ship called at. 

The arrival in the port of Praia was also the 100th unique port Logos Hope had visited since launching into active service in February 2009.

Cape Verde’s Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, was the guest of honour who officially opened the floating book fair to the public in Praia. He extended a warm welcome, saying, ‘We understand that this is more than a ship; it is people from different nations that live differently and bring hope. It is aiming to share values, experience and knowledge with the various countries that Logos Hope visits. This is very, very important’.

 The book fair features over 5,000 different titles of educational and Christian books, a visual presentation called Journey of life, which is based on the story of the Prodigal Son, and an International Cafe.

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