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What the Bible really says about The Days of Creation

By Simon Turpin
November 2017 | Review by James Chittenden
  • Publisher: Day One Publications
  • ISBN: 978-1-84625-571-7
  • Pages: 56
  • Price: 2.50
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Book Review

In this small booklet, Simon Turpin (general manager and speaker for Answers in Genesis UK) sets out in simple terms some answers to common questions about Genesis 1-9. He gently shows the connection from Genesis to our need of Jesus Christ, while offering proofs of Jesus’ deity.

Clearly asserting a literal 6-day creation, Turpin faithfully maintains biblical teaching. The chapters are brief and to the point, written in accessible language and concluding with a helpful verse to summarise the teaching.

The booklet appears to be aimed at older children/teenagers from Christian homes. It may be useful to give to a non-Christian, but the book often assumes there is prior Bible knowledge.

Those with significant doubts would find this a helpful starter, but something more substantial would be better. However, if you want help to defend your faith when talking with non-Christians, then the straightforward answers here would benefit.

While Turpin does use scientific and geological evidence, the majority of his proofs come from Scripture, as they should. Too often the debates about creation focus on man’s understanding and perceived wisdom, even among Christians. As mentioned in the booklet, belief or denial of creation is much bigger than science or religion; it’s about your worldview and understanding of God.

The author concludes with a few pages, reminding of the importance of Sola Scriptura. God’s Word alone must have the final say on any theological matter.

James Chittenden


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