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April 2000

Are We Wrong to have Rights

Christian Ministries evangelist John Blanchard has written a major treatment of the subjects of atheism and agnosticism. His intention is…

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April 2000

Missionary Spotlight-A Visit to Egypt

Elizabeth and I first met Pastor Thabet Isaac Megaly in 1998. In January 2000 I visited his church in Kodia,…

April 2000

The Scandal of Easter

Easter will soon be upon us again, but what will people make of it? An excuse to indulge in a…

April 2000


'Thank you: I see that hand. Is there another who will decide for Jesus now? [Pause] God bless you! I…

April 2000

Missionary Spotlight

MSY wrote from Liman Wadi Natroun Prison, in the western desert of Egypt, in response to MERF's gospel broadcasts. He…

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