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April 2012

Archbishop to step down

Archbishop to step downThe Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has announced today that he has accepted the position of Master…

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April 2012

United, focused and militant prayer

United, focused and militant prayerIn Acts 4:24 the disciples raised their voices together in prayer to God. The whole church,…


April 2012

Westminster, USA, cutbacks

Westminster, USA, cutbacksThe Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS) has been forced to downsize and carry out cost-cutting measures to enable it…


April 2012

Evangelical Times web site

Evangelical Times web siteMany readers will be aware of the Evangelical Times web site. This has been completely renewed, with…


April 2012

Child labour

Child labourChristian humanitarian agency World Vision has published a report to mark the start of a campaign to make UK…

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Clouds of Witnesses: Christian Voices from Africa and Asia
Mark A. Knoll

As Africa and Asia take their place as the new Christian heartlands, a new and robust company of saints is coming into view. In seventeen inspiring narratives Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom introduce pivotal Christian leaders in Africa and Asia…

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Robert Chapman: Apostle of Love
Robert L. Peterson

Although he is not widely known today, Robert Chapman was one of the most respected Christians of his generation. His caring and humble attitude had a marked impact on the lives of such men as George Muller, J. Hudson Taylor,…

The Mystery of the Last Supper
Colin J. Humphreys

For hundreds of years, we thought we knew what happened during Jesus' last days. Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are not only observed by Christians around the world, but are also recognized in calendars and by non-practitioners as…

Dealing with Depression
Sarah Collins

Depression is a common complaint in the doctor's surgery and 1 in 5 of the population that is 20% of people will have at least one major episode in their lifetime. We are reassured here that just like our physical…