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August 1995

Who goes there?

Many church 'open airs' would love to be able to turn out such a fame gathering of smartly dressed, hymn-singing…

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August 1995

Marriage – commitment to companionship

Marriage today is plagued by divorce. Why? Because it demands something of this generation that it dose not want to…

August 1995

Nicodemus – buying the truth

We know very little about Nicodemus. The information we do have about him is supplied by John, in three passages…

August 1995

Attitudes – gilt-edged investment in a happy…

He met me at the door brandishing an old musket and sporting a twinkle in his eye. A bit cantankerous…

August 1995

Pictures of heaven – no more sea

I love the sea. It is beautiful and interesting. One of the things that I appreciate about my present home…

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