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August 1997

Revival snapshots

John Elias in North Wales'Brethren, when I am in the dust this young lad will be a great man.' These…

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August 1997

True Faith

Most people have faith of one kind or another, and there are many who profess faith in Christ. But it…

August 1997

Adorn the doctrine

Paul exhorts us to 'adorn the doctrine of God' (Titus 2:10). This we must seek to do, but we must…

August 1997

Missionary Spotlight – India

HistoryCivilizations were known in the Indus valley from the earliest times. In A.D. 700 Buddhism was driven out of India…

August 1997

Euthanasia – hospital humanism

Euthanasia is one of the most critical issues ever to face Western society. This can be seen as a logical…

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