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August 2007

News – The poorest country in the…

The poorest country in the worldFor the last ten years the United Nations has given this dubious status to Sierra…

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August 2007

News – Ruth Graham

Ruth GrahamRuth Graham, wife of Rev. Billy Graham, died on 14 June, aged 87 years. She was a widely respected…


August 2007

News – Christians persecuted in Iraq

Christians persecuted in IraqChurch minister Ragheed Ganni left his congregation in Mosul after the Sunday service on 3 June. He…


Mystical Youth Ministry

Mystical Youth Ministry by Gary E. Gilley Ministering to young people has never been easy and that is certainly true…


August 2007

Missionary Spotlight – Christianity in Liberia

Christianity in LiberiaThe Liberian church was born out of the missionary fervour that gripped Western Europe and America in the…

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This Immoral Trade: Slavery in the 21st century
John Marks

Slavery remains rampant worldwide, despite the celebrations surrounding the bicentenary of its abolition in Britain. At least 27m men, women and children are enslaved today, ranging from prostitutes in London to indentured workers in Burma. This popularly written, but carefully…

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Glory Days: Living the whole of your life for Jesus
Julian Hardyman

Christians often split their lives into two clear and distinct sections - the secular and the sacred. The sacred is whatever pertains to their faith (church, Bible reading, prayer etc.) while the secular takes up everything else (work, leisure etc.).…