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February 2009

News – Teachers back creationism

Teachers back creationism The Guardian and Times Education Supplement (TES) both report increasing openness to discussing creationism in the classroom.     …

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February 2009

News – Hundreds killed in Nigeria

Hundreds killed in Nigeria Hundreds of people were killed and an estimated 7,000-10,000 fled their homes in two days of rioting…

February 2009

Islam’s new enemy

Islam's new enemy Unknown to most English speakers, Islam is currently under attack (at least that's how many Muslims depict it)…

February 2009

News – Sharia divorce

Sharia divorce A senior judge and former head of the Family Division, Baroness Butler-Sloss, has called for UK judges to stop…

February 2009

Review – Pocket Puritan Series – Banner…

Pocket Puritan SeriesVarious authors, Banner of Truth; £3.75 each These are four books in the new Pocket Puritan series published by…

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