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January 1970

Review – Filling up the afflictions of…

Filling up the afflictions of Christ - the cost of bringing the gospel to the nations in the lives of William…

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All things work together for good

Nothing is isolated. If we look at isolated events and try to judge the goodness of God's providence by them,…


January 1970

News – Tony Blair converts to Catholicism

Tony Blair converts to CatholicismThe long anticipated conversion to Roman Catholicism of Tony Blair took place just before Christmas when,…


January 1970

The Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition In 1478 the Catholic monarchs of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella, bolstered political and religious unity within their 'Christian'…


News – Meeting at Milland

Meeting at Milland   Many may ask 'Where is Milland?' It is a beautiful village on the border of Surrey…

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