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January 2010

News – Child protection

Child protection Churches in the UK must not be complacent about safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, according to new research.     The…

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January 2010

News – 23 year ‘coma’

23 year 'coma' A man who spent 23 years in a 'coma' was apparently conscious the whole time, news reports have…

January 2010

How the Christian Institute uses e-mail….

How the Christian Institute uses e-mail… Over 10,000 individuals are signed up to receive e-mail alerts from the Christian Institute. It…

January 2010

News – Welcome at Trinity, Gloucester

Welcome at Trinity, Gloucester Trinity Baptist Church, in Gloucester, was packed out for the induction of Phil Jones as pastor.     …

January 2010

News – STL struggles

STL struggles The credit crunch and serious technical problems have combined to drive Christian book and Bible charity IBS-STL to look…

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