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July 2010

Feed my sheep (2)

Feed my sheep (2) Paul Brown Jesus didn't say to Simon Peter 'expound my word' (John 21). Rather, he said, 'feed my…

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July 2010

News – Java

Java  Christians have been targeted by Muslim extremists in the Bogor regency of West Java, Indonesia, with an educational building…

July 2010

News – Care for Bradford

Care for Bradford Christian charity CARE has responded to the serial killings of prostitutes in Bradford with deep concern. Rachel Davies,…

July 2010

Thanksgiving service

Thanksgiving serviceOn Saturday 24 April an emotional thanksgiving service was held to mark the retirement of Pastor David Steere, after…

July 2010

Three bad dads of the Bible (3)

Three bad dads of the Bible (3) Guest Column Anthony Selvaggio, JD, MDiv In the first two instalments, we've seen the failure of…

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