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July 2011

Dependency culture

Dependency cultureA 'dependency culture' is to blame for the 'shocking state of the UK labour market', the Centre for Social…

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July 2011

The Apprentice

The ApprenticeAn apprentice is a learner, someone who wants to develop new skills or enhance their current skills; someone who…

July 2011

Christians attacked

Christians attackedProfessing Christians are coming under increasing pressure to join the uprising in Syria or risk threats of violence, according…

July 2011

Shameful failure

Shameful failureA lack of training, equipment and compassion allowed an apparently suicidal man to drown, as firemen and police officers…

July 2011

What happens when…?

What happens when...?Peter CurrieDay One Publications; 155 pages, £6.00; ISBN: 978-184625-182-5 This aims to cover very concisely the pertinent foundations…

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