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July 2016

French West Africa

Jean-Claude Souillot, managing director of Evangelical Press Missionary Trust (EPMT), describes recent ministry and further plans for extending the gospel…

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July 2016

Conference – Thrive 2016

Jane McNabb was the main speaker at this year’s Thrive Conference, entitled ‘Supportive and encouraging’, an annual event organised by…


John Flavel (1628-1691)

It was a privilege to be part of the Christian Union at Aberystwyth in the mid-1960s. A highlight, apart from…


July 2016

Let us pray for our nation

•  What is my own personal standing before the Lord? For God to hear my prayer, I myself need to…


July 2016

Event – Sunday school procession

The annual procession of Sunday schools through Blackheath, Halesowen, took place in early May. The revival of what was once…

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The Whole of Life for Christ
Mark Greene

Comprised of seven Bible studies, this book explores real discipleship. Each aspect is presented as affecting the whole of the disciple’s life. There is a whole-life gospel, whole-life wisdom, whole-life purpose, and so on, through fruitfulness, mission, hope and worship.…

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The Face of Jesus Christ
Archibald G. Brown

In the introduction, the publisher states, ‘It is hoped that young preachers will be here helped to see the kind of preaching that has led so many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ’. We were made aware of a…

You can pray
Tim Chester

Do you struggle to pray? Does your mind go blank as soon as you begin to pray? Often our personal experiences can be so negative, but this book is very positive about prayer — as the title suggests, ‘You can…

Fight the Good Fight
John Broom

John Broom was commissioned by the Bible Society to undertake research on the First World War and the importance of the Bible in war. He is currently researching for a PhD on ‘Connections between the Second World War and Christian…