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June 2000

Missionary Spotlight – Fact File – France

Fact File - FranceArea: 210,000 square miles. The largest nation in West Europe, Metropolitan France includes the island of Corsica.…

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June 2000

Missionary Spotlight-A Call to Battle

Very soon, on 18 June, France will be remembering the 60th anniversary of General de Gaulle's famous wartime broadcast from…

June 2000

Two thousand years of Christianity

Theology and politicsEverything changed for the church in AD 313, when the Edict of Milan allowed complete freedom for Christian…

June 2000

Guest column

Sacrifice in the familyNothing tests a man's religious sincerity more perfectly than the call to the entire renunciation of self…

June 2000

Evangelical Spirituality-Sarah Edwards and the vision of…

In recent articles we have looked at the spirituality of Jonathan Edwards, considered by many to be a classical mentor…

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