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June 2005

Africa revisited

A report on John Blanchard's latest visitsJohn Blanchard recently returned from his fifth preaching tour in South Africa, and the…

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June 2005


After many years of careful observation, I am no longer in any doubt. Cats are irresistibly attracted to wet concrete!…

June 2005

Guest Column-How can young people be pure?

[Philip Grist has served with Grace Baptist Mission (GBM) in India and as a co-ordinator of GBM's literature ministry]Psalm 119:9…

June 2005

The purpose-driven life

By now every Christian and most unbelievers have heard of Rick Warren and his runaway bestseller, The purpose-driven life. This…

Seven reasons why Christ died

'God's purposes for the world in the death of Jesus are unfathomable'. Thus writes John Piper in his latest book,…

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