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March 2009

News – Caring for older pilgrims

Caring for older pilgrims On 1 November, a new era began for the Dorothea Trust in Bedford, as it merged with…

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March 2009

Fireman wins Gay Pride battle

Fireman wins Gay Pride battle A Roman Catholic fireman from Glasgow has won his two-year legal battle against his bosses after…

March 2009

Youth Supplement – Rita

Rita I was born in the USSR in 1976. At the age of nine I heard some school friends talking about…

March 2009

Youth Supplement – Prescribing with discrimination

Prescribing with discrimination Come with me to a doctor's surgery and watch as he sees his patients. In fairly quick succession…

News – Library move

Library move   The theological library belonging to the 'Our Inheritance Bible Ministry' has been acquired by the Cranmer Memorial…

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