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May 2000

Missionary Spotlight – Belgium

Eeklo Evangelical ChurchThe Eeklo Evangelical Church was founded in 1980 by Pastor Jacobus De Feyter from the Netherlands. He, his…

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Pleasing Christ

The Life of Adoniram Judson (1788-1850) ‘Malden, his birthplace. The Ocean, his sepulchre. Converted Burmans, and the Burman Bible, his…

May 2000

Missionary Spotlight – Belgium — Fact File

Government: A federal, parliamentary democracy, under a constitutional monarch (King Albert II).Neighbouring countries:Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Brussels is the…

May 2000

The Beatitudes 3. The Happy Mourner

Today’s society is geared for entertainment. In a perceptive analysis of the effect of television on culture, Neil Postman has…

May 2000

Concerning Cults – Concerned Christians (2)

‘Doomsday massacre warnings "ignored".’ That was the headline of an article in the Daily Telegraph on 31 March 2000. The…

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