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May 2003

Marriage under attack

A new Church of England report, Cohabitation: a Christian reflection, questions whether young people should be 'burdened' with the church's…

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May 2003

Love is …

‘A feeling, a very funny feeling, a feeling that you’ve never felt before. A feeling that you feel that you…

May 2003

The Ten Encouragements

I have a theory that most Christians face discouragement so often that when encouragement comes along we are not sure…

May 2003

‘The dungeon flamed with light’

Evangelical revivals of the 18th Centuryby Michael A. G. Haykin2.  George Whitefield and friendsLast month’s article on the Great Awakening…

May 2003

Special Iraq update

The Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) has for several years provided regular support for six congregations in Iraq - two…

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