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May 2011

Testing the spirits

A response to David Robertson's Fleabytes broadcast on the Pope's visit.

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May 2011

Who made God? at Tenterden

Who made God? at TenterdenDespite the early spring chill, over 80 people including about 30 unbelievers gathered at Trinity Baptist…


May 2011

Being a missionary kid (MK)

Being a missionary kid (MK)It is true that many 'missionary kids' are put off their parents' religious beliefs, because it…


May 2011

Peace, hope and healing for the sexually…

Peace, hope and healing for the sexually abused — introducing Christian Action on Sexual Abuse (CASA)A woman is raped every…


Bomb victim

Bomb victim A British woman killed in a bomb blast in Israel was an evangelical Christian on a six-month course…

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