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YOUTH FEATURE: William Tyndale — more than…

William Tyndale was born around 1494 in Gloucestershire, most probably in Stinchcombe. In the English-speaking world he is arguably one…

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Mozambique: Grace Evangelical Hospital, Nampula

Charles Woodrow reports on the preparation of the new mission hospital. It has been nearly 20 years since I closed…



Medical missionary Charles Woodrow of Grace Missions, serving along with his wife Julie, reports on sustained and very encouraging gospel…


Light of Hope Mission, India

It’s a long-established truth: children merit supportive care. Jesus valued children, and the Light of Hope Mission — a Siloam…


Hope to People ministry to Kurds and…

Please keep praying for the ministry to a pagan nation of Kurds and Yazidis that live in the mountains in…

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Fatherhood – what it is and what it’s for
Tony Payne

This is the second edition of a title originally published in 2004. The author, director of Matthias Media and father of five children, sets out to address the ‘fatherhood crisis’ by changing how we think about fatherhood. He observes that…

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The Reformation: What You Need To Know And Why
John Stott

This small paperback from the Lausanne Movement is a work of two halves. First comes Michael Reeves’ introduction to the world-changing events of 500 years ago. The reader is led through Martin Luther’s protest against indulgences, his new understanding of…

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Radical Leadership: In The New Testament And Today
Michael Green

This is a book that might well be used by both leadership trainers and trainees. Beginning with the model leader, Jesus himself, the author shows how he trained by example. He never demanded of his followers what he himself was…

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Wonders of Creation (Design in a fallen world)
Stuart Burgess

This superbly illustrated book presents a compelling case that our world displays the hallmarks of design and testifies to the exquisite handiwork of our creator. Evidences are first drawn from a selection of land mammals, sea creatures, birds and insects.…