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October 2009

News – PNG violence

PNG violence Tribal conflict has broken out in Papua New Guinea (PNG), affecting the valley where the Wycliffe Bible Translators recently…

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October 2009

Pastor Pokorny (1917–2008)

Pastor Pokorny (1917–2008) August Erwin (Tony) Pokorny was born at a chaotic time in history. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was on the…

October 2009

News – Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise  The BBC has appointed a new series editor for Songs of Praise.      David Taviner, who has…

October 2009

News – Bible college in gay row

Bible college in gay row A boardroom memo issued to the faculty of Calvin College in Michigan has stated that it…

October 2009

What price politics?

What price politics? Very soon now there will be a general election in the UK. Christians, like everyone else, want to…

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