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September 2004

The Evangelical Library -problems and prospects

The Evangelical Library is a unique resource which is both underused and underfunded. The correspondence set out below - consisting…

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September 2004

Beware virtual history!

Christian faith stands or falls on history. Without the great events of revelation and salvation it loses substance. Its confessions…

September 2004

Training for eternity

Among all the earth’s living wonders, nothing can match the beauty and versatility of the human body. In fact, it…

September 2004

Missionary Spotlight-Visit to Mali

 Monday 19 January Arrived at Bamako at 06.45. It was warm and breezy. In the terminal it was chaos, but we…

September 2004

Earth and the Christian

The environment is at the centre of society's agenda these days and most people go along with this. Christians, therefore,…

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