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News – Greenland’s warmer past

Ice cores taken from southern central Greenland and the summit of Greenland’s ice sheet have produced sediments suggesting that the…

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September 2007

News in Brief

News in BriefHumanist weddings There were 434 humanist weddings in Scotland in 2006 following legal recognition of the service in…


September 2007

News – Nigeria plans UK ‘flying bishop’

Nigeria plans UK 'flying bishop'The Church of England Newspaper has reported that Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola is planning to appoint…


September 2007

Ten wrong ways to listen

Ten wrong ways to listen by Gary Shepard'But be ye doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own…


September 2007

News – Holocaust survivors

Holocaust survivors Around 240,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel, most of them over eighty years old. However, one-third of those…

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Mad, Bad or Sad? A Christian approach to antisocial behaviour and mental disorder
Nigel Pocock

Are the mentally disordered responsible for their actions? This book examines the interface between mental health and Christian belief as these relate to antisocial behaviour.

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