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September 2010

Protestant petition

Protestant petition Several Protestant groups have joined forces to protest against the pope's visit to the UK this month. A joint…

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September 2010

News – Keswick Convention

Keswick Convention Giving the first of this year's Keswick Convention lectures, Dr Don Carson warned his audience of the dangers of…

September 2010

Missionary Spotlight God’s Word in Haiti

God's Word in Haiti After visiting Haiti in November 2009 and February 2001, I returned in June 2010 to see how…

September 2010

Should we litigate?

Should we litigate? New South Wales is now second only to California so far as litigation is concerned. A part-time masseuse…

September 2010

Hardships create opportunities

Hardships create opportunities Does God use adverse circumstances in our lives to create witnessing opportunities for Christ? Have you ever wondered…

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