Missionary Spotlight – Meet a student

Alison Heyworth
01 January, 2009 1 min read

Meet a student

Cyrell Corong is 17 and in her second year of college, studying information technology. CCM has sponsored her for the past six years.

Cyrell says: ‘I have three sisters and two brothers. My father is a construction worker and was not earning enough for all of us to go to school. College is even more expensive and I would never have been able to go if it were not for CCM’s support.

‘I am studying for a professional licence as I would eventually like to be a programmer and create systems. Sometimes it is hard to study at home: I live in one room with my mother and brothers, who will often quarrel and distract me. We have no computer, so I often have to go to an internet café. There is an open laboratory at the college, so I go in early to finish my assignments. It is also expensive to buy books so I have to try to find the books I need in the library.

‘I have attended CCM’s educational assistance programme camp five times and I find it very enjoyable. I have learned many things, especially about the gospel and the Word of God. I know that Jesus suffered to save us from our sins and that he is our Saviour. I have started going to church and am going to a beginners’ class for people new to the Bible.

‘I am from a Catholic family and they are happy that I am going to church. I do not think that I am yet a Christian but I am seeking God and it is good to know that he is there guiding me.

‘My family is so thankful to CCM. There were times when my mother said that I would have to stop going to school because they could not support me. But now CCM provides the notebooks, pens, writing pads, bags, shoes, uniforms and art materials as well as the fees. Please pray for CCM, that God would continue to bless them so they can support more people’.

Alison Heyworth

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