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ACTS in Lagos

October 2015

Africa Christian Textbooks (ACTS) has given thanks to God for the provision of a big sum of money to help it achieve its target for Lagos, despite a bitter disappointment.

In a newsletter, ACTS said it had been touched by gifts of nearly £30,000 towards its £50,000 target to buy a property in Lagos that would serve as a main warehouse and distribution centre for Christian books.

However, the owners of the property then hiked up the price by an additional £20,000, pricing ACTS out of the purchase.

The newsletter reads: ‘Over the past two months, gifts amounting to £30,000 came in towards our £50,000 target for Lagos. Each donation represents sacrificial giving, encouragement and answered prayer.

‘Our hopes were high that we would be able to purchase the property we had identified as suitable. But our hopes were dashed.

‘We thought we had an agreement with the owner and sufficient funds in hand (with help from Revival Movement Association). Our management team and two board members travelled from Jos to Lagos’.

The owner came to the meeting on 27 July, but ended up demanding an additional £20,000 above ACTS’ available funds.

According to the newsletter: ‘This was a painful rebuff. Our hurt was lessened by the fact that all of us involved (both in UK and in Nigeria) came to the same conclusion, namely, that we should not increase our offer.

‘God’s ways are mysterious at times, but we trust that he knows best. Join us in praying for guidance for our renewed property search and for additional funds’.


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