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May 2014

The road to peace will be long and uncertain, Tearfund has claimed, after Afghanistan voted in its third presidential election since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

Bruce Clark, who oversees the charity’s work in the country, urged Christians to pray for peace and for continued international commitment to Afghanistan, following the elections on 5 April.

He said, ‘It is proving to be a long road towards peace for the people, many of whom still bear the scars of over three decades of conflict, and an uncertain future lies ahead’.

Mr Clark especially highlighted the plight of women and girls, who have been benefiting from Tearfund assistance through such projects as women’s self-help groups, literacy classes, small business training and improved sanitation and hygiene.

He claimed that historic low levels of education mean that only 12.6 per cent of Afghanistan’s women are able to read, with many widows relying on male family members to help them survive.

Mr Clark added: ‘We’re asking people to pray with us that, during this challenging year, Afghanistan will see continued international commitment and stability, and that opportunities will improve for many more people’.



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