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AIDS awareness

July 2011

AIDS awareness

More needs to be done to combat the global scourge of AIDS, according to the Mildmay charity. Speaking on the 30th anniversary of the world’s first diagnosed AIDS case, which was recorded in Los Angeles in June 1981, Fi McLachlan, chief executive of Mildmay, said there should be a ‘renewed and definite commitment’ from politicians and organisations to tackle HIV and AIDS.
    The comments came on the eve of a major meeting of the global HIV community to debate and map out the next phase of the world’s response to the epidemic.
    Fi McLachlan added: ‘It is also a good time for governments, charities and the public at large to make a renewed and definite commitment to bringing hope and good health to those living with HIV and, one day, to eradicating this devastating disease altogether’.
    Figures suggest there are still 34 million people living with HIV worldwide, many of these children. Every day, 5,500 people die from AIDS while 1,000 children are newly infected — in many of these cases, it is entirely preventable.
    In the UK, there are 86,500 people living with HIV — a figure three times greater than in 2000.

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