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Assisted suicide – Assisted Death Doubles in Switzerland

November 2014

The number of people going to Switzerland for an assisted death has doubled in the past four years, the British Humanist Association (BHA) has claimed.

Citing a study published in the Journal of medical ethics, the BHA said that British citizens account for much of that increase, with neurological conditions, such as paralysis, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis accounting for almost half the cases.

The journal’s study revealed that 611 people not resident in Switzerland had been helped to die between 2008 and 2012, all but four of whom had gone to the Dignitas clinic.

Their ages ranged from 23-97, with the average being 69. In all, residents from 31 different countries were helped to die in Switzerland between 2008 and 2012, with German (268) and UK (126) nationals making up almost two thirds of the total.

In a statement, pro-life charity CARE said it was incumbent on all Christians in the UK to push party leaders to counter plans to allow assisted suicide.




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