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Book positively reviewed by ET is banned by Amazon

April 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Ryan Anderson (Credit: Gage Skidmore)
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A book which questions the prevailing narrative of the transgender agenda has been banned by online retail giant Amazon.

When Harry Became Sally, by Ryan Anderson, was published in 2018 and gained a positive review in the pages of ET.

The book ‘exposes the contrast between the media’s sunny depiction of gender fluidity and the often sad reality of living with gender dysphoria’.

But it was removed from all of Amazon’s retail platforms on 21 February, sparking a backlash from social conservatives.

US Republican senators Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley, Mike Braun, and Mike Lee sent a letter to the retailer requesting an explanation for its decision.

They asked, ‘Is this action part of a broader campaign against conservative material and voices on Amazon’s platforms?’

The company responded, saying, ‘we have chosen not to sell books that frame LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness.’

Mr Anderson and Encounter Books criticised the decision in a joint statement, saying that ‘no good comes from shutting down a debate about important matters’.

‘Everyone agrees that gender dysphoria is a serious condition that causes great suffering,’ the statement adds. ‘There is a debate, however … about how best to treat patients who experience gender dysphoria.’

Amazon, while banning Mr Anderson’s book, continues to sell Hitler’s Mein Kampf.