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Canada: Jordan Peterson says ‘I am amazed by my own belief’

April 2021

Jordan Peterson (Source: Gage Skidmore)
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Canadian professor of psychology Jordan Peterson has spoken about his religious views in a recent interview with an Orthodox Christian friend.

Peterson has a huge following online, receiving widespread attention for his conservative views on cultural and political issues.

In an interview with Jonathan Pageau (which is available to watch online) Peterson says there is much about the person and story of Jesus Christ which is ‘undeniable’.

He also says he is ‘amazed’ by the extent of his own innate beliefs about Christ. But he holds that Jesus is a mixture of a person who actually lived in history and a myth.

When asked whether he believes in God, Peterson says he often answers that question by saying he acts ‘as if God exists’. But, he said, ‘I’m terrified he might exist – that would be a truthful answer.’

Elsewhere in the interview he said, ‘I’m amazed at my own belief and I don’t understand it. In some sense, I believe it is undeniable.

‘Because I’ve seen the objective world and the narrative world touch. That’s Jungian synchronicity. And I’ve seen that many times in my own life and so, in some sense, I believe it’s undeniable.’

Writing on the Spectator website, Damien Thompson said that Peterson ‘presents himself to his friend Jonathan Pageau, an Eastern Orthodox Christian, as something close to a broken man.

‘He certainly sounds and looks like one. The contrast with the Jordan Peterson who politely humiliated the sneering Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News is excruciating.’

Thompson added, ‘even if Peterson doesn’t take the leap of faith, he has already led more people into that faith than any number of dim-witted or intellectually cowardly bishops.’