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Christian Worship Birmingham Conference 2021 held online

June 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Jonathan Stobbs
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The Birmingham Conference, organised by The Christian Worship Publishing Trust, took place online in March.

Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohammed (Metropolitan Tabernacle) ably opened up the Epistle to the Hebrews, giving us a soul-refreshing picture of Christ’s supremacy and sufficiency.

Written at the time of Roman Emperor Nero (when some believers were losing heart), Hebrews is most suitable for the present time with its warning, motivating, enlivening themes – an antidote to deadness, dullness, and lethargy.

Pastor Jonathan Stobbs (Penzance Baptist Church) addressed the theme of union with Christ in the teaching of John Calvin. He expounded his theme brilliantly, affording us new insights into Calvin’s Institutes.

The evening of the first day concluded with a winsome and clear gospel sermon by Pastor Dewi Higham (Tabernacle Cardiff).

The second day began with Pastor Ibrahim’s concluding session on the supremacy of Christ, majoring on practical applications and consequences for believers from the Epistle to the Hebrews.

Pastor Stobbs’s second address was on the theme of union with Christ in the ministry of the Puritans. He lucidly described how they applied this doctrine to the everyday life of believers and the church.

All the ministry was deep, lively, spiritual, practical, challenging, and helpful. The themes interlocked and harmonised, each adding light and weight to the other.

The sessions were chaired by Pastor David Kay of Barnstaple, his calm and reverent chairmanship adding greatly to the beneficial and God-honouring atmosphere of this conference.

On the technical side, credit is due to those responsible for the seamless quality of the presentation. A most encouraging number tuned into the sessions, which can still be accessed on the Christian Worship website (where details of next year’s conference will be found in due course).

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