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Church – Church Society Council

December 2018

Church Society’s Council met in October to discuss the ‘memorandum of agreement’ made between Church Society, Reform and the Fellowship of Word and Spirit, made prior to a recent merger between these groups.

The items discussed by the council were: relationships with other Anglican bodies; Church Society’s commitment to contending for the true gospel; the appointment of additional staff; and a review of the new group’s name and branding.

Dr Ros Clarke, associate director of Church Society, said in a newsletter: ‘Praise God for our partnership in the gospel, expressed in our prayers, and bearing fruit in our discussions. We are moving forward in all the areas we addressed and plan to share some of our progress in the next edition of Crossway’.

The council was delighted that two public letters had been signed by a number of evangelical bishops within the Church of England. The first letter took issue with the Anglican group ‘Living in Love and Faith’. The letter stated commitment to the traditional biblical teaching on sex and marriage and warned that any departure from this will cause significant problems in the Church of England and in the wider Anglican Communion. The second letter responded to the GAFCON letter to the churches published earlier this year.

The Church Society newsletter continued: ‘We pray that all the evangelical bishops will be encouraged by the response to these letters and so be more willing to speak boldly for biblical truth and gospel partnership in the future. We encourage you to express your thanks and support for their actions by writing personally, or perhaps from your PCC’.

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