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Church news – New home for Cromer Baptist Church

April 2018

When the Lord answers prayer after five or six years of looking to him for guidance and clear pathways, it is a time of gratitude and gladness.  The congregation of Cromer Baptist Church in Norfolk are rejoicing that they are now worshipping in a different, more suitable building, thanks to the help of the local Methodist circuit.

The building used by the Methodist Church in East Runton until last summer and owned by them, was closed in August. Through unexpected avenues, Cromer Baptist Church was alerted to its availability, and being shown great help, kindness and consideration by the local circuit, with a good deal of admin behind the scenes, started using the premises in the New Year 2018.

The East Runton building is a mile from the previous location in Cromer town centre.  In it the Lord is providing long-term use of an equally old, but compact, light, fresh and more welcoming building, with all needed facilities including a small hall.

God’s goodness

Members and regular worshippers are grateful for God’s goodness as they now have premises that are more adaptable, and where the weekly activities take place more easily and comfortably.  Parking has been negotiated close by, along the coast road.  There is also a real possibility that the congregation could someday own this different venue.

Several years of energy sapping concern and repairs, of grant applications and property searches, of a sloping floor, and of a rather foreboding building are now behind. One of the pressing issues prayed over in recent years, was to make a decision as to the time when an increasingly costly building was actually preventing the Lord’s resources being used in the right way (‘throwing good money after bad’).

The time was felt to have arrived when there were clearer opportunities to promote the gospel and use God-given finances in God-honouring ways.  The Lord has now moved the people on, and with it given a new sense of purpose, vision and challenge.

There is a village with its own identity to witness to, new events to launch, a different profile, and still the town of Cromer to be evangelised.  The small congregation is aware that renewed provision means new opportunity, new efforts, visitors and contacts, and perhaps new opposition.

They also know that there will be fresh strength, further equipping, God’s blessing, and clear leading from the Lord. Please pray that the name of the Lord Jesus would be glorified in all that is done.

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