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Conference – Church planting

August 2017

Eight couples involved in planting churches joined the first ever church planters’ retreat, hosted by the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) in May.

Andy Paterson, mission director for the FIEC, spoke on Psalm 91 at the retreat. He was keen to organise the gathering as part of the FIEC’s support for church plants. It was designed to give planters a break and to help them to recharge their batteries spiritually and physically.

Sam and Melissa Buckley from Christ Church Hemel in Hemel Hempstead were among those who went along to the retreat at Torch Trust’s holiday and retreat centre in West Sussex.

Mr Buckley commented: ‘Despite our many differences, there was more that united us, because we all share a desire to see people won for Jesus from all different parts of our society. We are united in the conviction that God works powerfully by his Spirit, through his Word to bring people from death to life and transform them into the likeness of his Son.

‘And we are united in our conviction that planting new churches is a wonderful way to reach the unreached in our nation’.

More than 25 church plants are now part of the FIEC family and Mr Paterson hopes this retreat will become an annual event, as part of the support the Fellowship can offer to new churches.

In May 2017 Evangelical Times reported on how churches in the UK were carrying out church plants, and discussed right and wrong ways to do this.

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