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Conference – Philippines pastors’ conference

April 2017 | by Brian Ellis

The 2017 Philippines pastors’ conference was a time of blessing, encouragement and challenge. We had 390 delegates attend the three-day conference at Cubao Reformed Baptist Church, Manila, with many staying at the church in our make-do accommodation, on the floor of the Sunday school rooms.

We had to really make use this year of our overflow meeting in the fellowship hall downstairs, where we had an old giant TV screen set up. The delegates who sat there were able to participate in the conference.

Our worship hall can possibly take 300 at a squeeze — and it is a squeeze. This is one of the reasons for our building programme project, to expand our worship hall sideways to take up to over 400 worshippers. We are always full on a Lord’s day morning.

It is through this conference that the work of reformation goes forward in the Philippines. During the conference, many books were sold, including 68 copies of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, which is a ‘diglot’ version (Tagalog and English).

We also give three free books every day. Two of these were by Pastor Jeremy Walker. Many of the men attending have meagre libraries and we seek to provide them each year with good, God-honouring books. All of this is to help the cause of reformation in this great nation.

Thank you again for your prayers and loving support for the work here in the Philippines. The work goes forward, as more men come to understand and recognise the wonderful truths of sovereign grace, clearly taught in the scriptures.

Brian T. Ellis


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