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Conscience vote

March 2013

Conscience vote

In January, the House of Commons paved the way to smooth the passage of the Equal Marriage Bill by supporting an amendment that will protect ‘conscientious beliefs on marriage’.
    The MPs voted 86 to 31 in favour of the amendment to the Equality Act, which will go some way to providing protection for those religious organisations and places of worship that do not agree with the Government’s same-sex marriage bill.
    The amendment was brought forward by MP Edward Leigh, president of the socially conservative Cornerstone group of MPs, who warned the Commons that the Government’s forthcoming same-sex bill does not offer any protection for those with traditional views on marriage.
    Andrea Minichiello Williams, director of the Christian Legal Centre, said, ‘This government talks about the value of Christianity, but by pursuing its redefinition of marriage, it is undermining the Christian heritage of Britain.
    ‘It is also creating a climate that will lead to the exclusion of Christians from serving society. Christians won’t be duped by the Government, nor will others who believe that marriage should remain as being between one man and one woman’.
    The second reading of Mr Leigh’s bill is scheduled to take place on 1 March.

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