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Council on the brink of facing legal case over sex education

March 2020

Warwickshire County Council is on the verge of facing a legal challenge over a controversial and ‘misleading’ policy for implementing Relationship and Sex Education in primary schools under its care.

Lawyers acting on behalf of The Christian Institute have written to the council, raising concerns over what the Institute calls a ‘catalogue of errors’.

They contend the council has failed to ‘take into account and give proper weight’ to its duties under the Equality Act 2010, the Human Rights Act 1998, and the Education Act 1996.

The council’s Relationship and Sex Education Policy for primary schools incorporates and promotes the controversial All About Me programme.

Among its false assertions are that gender identity ‘can be best understood as being a spectrum’ and ‘transgender children have the right to use whichever toilet or changing room they feel most comfortable using’.

Whilst making no reference to marriage, lesson materials do encourage masturbation and include ‘gratuitously graphic’ sexual images.

Christian Institute education officer John Denning said, ‘Warwickshire County Council has been reluctant to engage with parents or us about these serious concerns.

‘Either by design or error the Council has corrupted and misapplied the law.’

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