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David Robertson ‘cancelled’ by Premier over Meghan Markle article

April 2021 | by Mike Judge

David Robertson and Meghan Markle CREDIT Flickr/Genevieve
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Pastor and blogger David Robertson says he has been ‘cancelled’ by Premier Christianity magazine over an article he wrote about the Meghan Markle interview.

Robertson says he was asked by Premier to write an article arguing that Christians shouldn’t watch the interview with Prince Harry and his actress wife.

He duly did so, at some inconvenience to himself, and it was published on the website of the magazine. Robertson says the editor of the magazine signed off on it with only minor edits.

The article, which was written and published before the interview was broadcast, predicted what Meghan Markle may say.

Based on information that had already been leaked ahead of the interview, Robertson said he expected ‘Meghan will play the race card, tell us how hard done by she is and how she contemplates suicide’.

There was a fierce reaction against Robertson’s article on Twitter by supporters of Harry and Meghan, and the article was removed from the website of Premier Christianity.

In a statement, the magazine’s editor Sam Hailes said, ‘We… would like to unreservedly apologise for it, for the offence and hurt it has caused.’

Hailes added that Robertson’s article ‘has resulted in understandable anger and pain, especially for those who have experienced racism’.

Robertson has republished his article in full on his own site,, for anyone to read for themselves.

He claimed his opinions had been censored, saying, ‘Is it verboten to question? Does not one ever play the race card?’

He added, ‘Its spineless pandering to the mob and cultural zeitgeist displays both a lack of insight and a lack of courage… The message was clear. I am cancelled.’

He claims he has been trashed as a racist, saying, ‘In today’s world I can hardly imagine a more damaging slur and accusation. Here is the thing. It will stick.

‘The level of personal abuse that I have received in public and private since then, including from so called Christian leaders, has been horrendous.’

He added, ‘Premier is quite happy to promote the likes of Steve Chalke and Brian McLaren – despite their attacks on Scripture and on Christ. But I get cancelled.

‘The message is clear. You can blaspheme Christ on Premier, but dare blaspheme Meghan Markle and you are toast!’

Speaking about the wider implications he said, ‘In today’s world you have to show due deference, commitment to the cause, and unquestioning acceptance of the world’s ideology. Or you are cancelled. By a Christian magazine. Let that sink in.’