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Educational freedom being stifled by Stonewall

August 2019

Selina Todd SOURCE
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Britain’s leading gay rights activist group, Stonewall, is stifling educational freedom, according to more than 30 British academics.

In an open letter to The Sunday Times, the academics claimed ‘tendentious and anti-scientific claims’ have been presented by Stonewall to staff as ‘objective fact, without the opportunity for scrutiny’.

In their letter, the academics said there was an ‘inappropriately close relationship’ between the LGBT activist group and UK universities in the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme (SDCP).

According to the letter, SDCP requires its members to enforce transgender policies which could ban teaching and research questioning radical gender ideology.

The letter added, ‘In our teaching, we’re exhorted to “ask the pronouns” of students. Yet many of us would deny that pronouns refer to an inner feeling of gender identity, and wish to say so’.

According to the academics, there has been such a push by Stonewall that universities risk no longer being open spaces for dialogue.

Selina Todd, Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, told The Sunday Times Stonewall ‘is really pushing an agenda which is dogmatic and completely overruling freedom of speech’.

Ruth Hunt, chief executive of Stonewall, said, ‘Stonewall’s work with universities and other organisations to ensure LGBT people can be themselves and succeed is evidence based, robust and effective. It is also very much needed’.

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