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Event – Dutch launch of What is Man?

May 2018

Dutch launch of What is Man, Prof. Andrews and translator Frans Gunning
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‘What is man?’ is the question David asked in Psalm 8. It is also the title of a sequel to Professor Edgar Andrews’ popular book, Who made God? The new book, entitled What is Man: Adam, Alien or Ape?, was published in a Dutch edition in February this year, even though the English version will not be available until June.

The new book demonstrates how the Western world is seeking an answer to the question ‘What is man?’ in cosmology, biology and psychology, yet rejecting the plain answer provided by theology. Written in a layperson-friendly style, the book argues for the rationality and superiority of a biblical answer.

The Dutch version, produced by Eddy Maatkamp Publications, was launched at a meeting of the Netherlands Logos Institute, attended by some 50 people.

Prof. Andrews gave two lectures, the first of which set the historicity of Adam and Eve in the context of the book’s three sections. These are: man’s place in the cosmos; man’s place in the biosphere (including a chapter on human consciousness); and man’s place in the Bible (including treatments of the image of God in man and the Christology of man’s creation and destiny).

In the second talk, Prof. Andrews explained why he believed such a book is needed. In the present secular climate of opinion, we are being robbed of our true identity as human beings are reduced to accidents of nature or bundles of selfish genes. We need to understand how materialistic thinking is degrading our perception of man, and rediscover the Bible’s teaching on human origins, nature and destiny.

The first lecture is available as a high-quality video (English with Dutch sub-titles) at (it can be played, downloaded and used without further permission for meetings, youth groups, or with students and so forth). The book has a Facebook page called ‘What is Man?’, with updates on the English version.

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