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France: Roman Catholic Church covered up decades of child abuse

November 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Jean-Marc Sauvé CREDIT: MEDEF / Flickr
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A long-awaited report of inquiry into abuse by the Catholic church in France has found a ‘cruel indifference’ towards victims.

As reported in The Times, Jean-Marc Sauvé, who led the inquiry, said the Catholic church had showed a ‘profound and even cruel indifference towards the victims’.

The 18-month inquiry was launched after it became known the French Catholic church systematically covered up sexual abuse against 330,000 children over the past seven decades.

Sauvé, a retired senior civil servant, told the media the church had failed in a duty of care towards the 216,000 victims of priests and the estimated 114,000 victims of teachers and other personnel in church institutions between 1950 and 2020.

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