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Franklin Graham takes legal action against UK venues

April 2020

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) has filed legal actions against various British venues that cancelled bookings for an upcoming UK tour.

The venues withdrew under pressure from activists because of Franklin Graham’s biblical belief that homosexuality is a sin.

In a statement the Association said, ‘The actions taken by these venues to publicly repudiate these contracts are clear efforts to distance the decision-makers from BGEA, Franklin Graham and other Christians who hold similar beliefs.

‘This disregard for principles of good faith and fair dealing, based on the mere suggestion that a person’s sincerely held religious views or statements are “hateful” or would result in public disorder, should be very alarming to anyone who is genuinely concerned about diversity, inclusion and tolerance, let alone free speech and the free exercise of religious beliefs.’

The legal action against the cancellation the Glasgow venue — the Hydro — has been expedited by the Scottish courts. The Hydro is operated by Scottish Event Campus.

The majority shareholder of the Scottish Event Campus is Glasgow City Council. The venue cancelled the Franklin Graham event following a request from the council.

Other venues that cancelled events also have ties to local councils and other public bodies funded by the taxpayer.

A group of church leaders in Scotland urged Glasgow City Council ‘to recommend an immediate reversal of the exclusion and re-instatement of the venue booking’ in a letter published in The Herald.

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