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Free CofE mission

June 2014

The Free Church of England (FCE) has received three Anglican congregations in Brazil. The three are registered under the name Igreja Anglicana Reformada (IARB).

According to a statement, this is the first step towards the development of the FCE in that country and the expansion of the FCE mission to new countries for the sake of the gospel.

In 2011, the FCE and the IARB began informal conversations. The proposals that emerged were welcomed by the IARB, which approved a proposition seeking affiliation and membership in the Free Church of England, at its national synod in 2012.

This request was brought to the FCE convocation in 2013, where it was welcomed warmly. The FCE is currently drawing up new canons, to enable it to develop missionary and overseas dioceses.

The first Brazilian congregations were received on Easter Sunday 2014, and others are expected to be received during the course of the year. 


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