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Gender-based abortions

August 2014

Speaking as a coalition of MPs reiterated calls for the UK parliament to crack down on gender-based abortions, Mr Dobbin said, ‘The UK is a rogue state when it comes to abortion.

‘Our law does not require counselling or a cooling-off period like other countries. Our abortion time limit is double that of nearly every other member of the EU. They are all around 12 weeks but we still allow abortion six months in to a pregnancy’.

He asked why, in a country which ‘abhors abortion being used as a method of contraception’, the figures for repeat-abortions keep rising. Mr Dobbin was referring to latest official figures, which reveal that 45.3 per cent of terminations for women over the age of 25 were repeat-abortions.

He added: ‘Our abortion law is extreme, outdated and unenforceable’, comments echoed by Julian Brazier, fellow MP.

According to Mr Brazier, ‘Doctors have been routinely breaking the law by failing to record accurately the reason for their abortions, especially for disabilities such as Down’s syndrome’.




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