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Gender issues – New Normal Conference

January 2017

Christian Concern hosted a conference at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, on 11-12 November 2016. Its purpose was to provide the public, and especially Christians, with up-to-date information on the sexual revolution and strategies needed to counter it.

Friday’s seminars covered philosophical and theological views of the revolution, and included a talk on ‘The mythology of the LGBT lobby’, by Dr Julia Gasper. In the evening, there was the premiere of a play, called Sunlight, which told the real-life experience of Professor Bobby Lopez.

This presented the Orwellian contradictions and paradoxes that Mr Lopez, as an initially ‘gay’ man, experienced, as he tried to find normality after being parented by two lesbians. One of these parents was his birth mother, but she had died, leaving a will which was blocked by legal problems arising from this unorthodox upbringing.

Following his conversion to Jesus Christ, he discovered his real male identity, and his relationship with his girlfriend blossomed into marriage. This was a moving story of an escape from the darkness of homosexuality into the ‘sunlight’ of new life in Christ.

Saturday’s seminars dealt with practical issues and began with Andrea Williams of Christian Concern reporting on the current trans case of a 14-year-old girl who wants to be a boy. The chilling aspect of this case was how the social services always sided with ‘Bethany’ and viewed her parents as potentially guilty of child abuse for resisting her whims. Professor John Nolland then gave an edifying and foundational exposition of how God views homosexuality. He told us how there were many new and clever equivocations of Scripture, proposed by liberal theologians, including a whitewash of Romans 1, all of which are aimed at sapping our confidence in scriptural infallibility.

He went on to demonstrate how important true sexuality is in Jesus’ and Paul’s teachings. For instance, Jesus mentioned ‘love’ and ‘the poor’ 14 times each, but marital fidelity 26 times. God’s desire is to protect what is precious. Paul argues, in effect, that sex properly used is part of the glue that holds marriage together, whereas sex outside marriage is like putting superglue in all the wrong places. Illicit sex creates confusion and disruption.

Both days of the conference were filmed by Rodney Hearth for broadcasting on A1R TV, and audio recordings will be made available on Christian Concern’s website.

One recurring theme was the insidious way criticism, however factual, of the LGBT agenda is censored. Reports raising, for example, the serious health issues of homosexual practices between men are barred from publication, and their authors may face ejection from professional associations.

Similarly, negative aspects of same-sex parenting (SSP) are suppressed to maintain the lie that SSP is entirely comparable or even superior to normal adoption. Children of SSP are never asked their views without their parents being present, which makes it difficult for them to report their true misgivings — which Prof. Lopez assured us are many and painful.

T.P. Cripps

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