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Ian Hamilton: Worship today is lacking ‘reverence and awe’

May 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Ian Hamilton
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Many churches today lack a sense of reverence and awe when they gather for worship, and they need to recover the God-ness of God.

So says Ian Hamilton as he reflects on a lifetime of ministry in a video interview hosted by Heath Evangelical Church, Cardiff.

Ian Hamilton was previously minister of Cambridge Presbyterian Church (1999-2016) and is a trustee of the Banner of Truth.

He says he is greatly encouraged by the level of church planting he has seen in recent years, but he is concerned at the lack of thoughtful reading among men training for the ministry.

In a video interview conducted by Alun Ebenezer and Keith Batstone, Ian Hamilton said, ‘People want to engage in modernity, and that’s a good thing, but we can become overly-familiar and we forget that our God is a consuming fire.’

He urged younger men who are preparing for ministry, ‘Read well, read thoughtfully, take your time, digest, ponder, meditate on what you read. I wish I had thought more and read less as a young man.’

The interview with Ian Hamilton is part of a series of interviews being conducted with godly retired ministers who are now in their 70s or 80s.

The series – which is available on the YouTube channel of Heath Evangelical Church – is called ‘Before they leave the stage’.

It involves asking the men to reflect on the years of their ministries and to give their views on the current state of evangelicalism.

They talk about the times they knew God’s blessing and when they really proved him. They describe hard times, battles they have had to fight, disappointments they’ve had to deal with, and things they wish they knew then that they know now.

The series started in February and is planned to run through to June. The men interviewed include Geoff Thomas, Alun McNabb, John Blanchard, Stuart Olyott, Brian Edwards, Iain Murray, Maurice Roberts, and others.

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